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LEVEL 1 Certification in
Applied Movement Neurology
What You're Going To Receive Today:
  •  Manual Muscle Testing: Learn how to assess for decreased output in muscle contraction so that you can get a clear indication of asymmetries and know exactly where you need to start work on balancing the system
  • ​ Partner Stretching: This technique is incredibly effective at reducing gain in the system. Meaning we can quickly rebalance muscles that are over-active and creating imbalance and 'tightness'
  •  Foam Rolling: Learn how to stimulate the neuromuscular apparatus and, based on your findings in the Manual Muscle Testing and Partner Stretching sections, stimulate either the GTO or Spindles to achieve bilateral balance and symmetry
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What You're Going To Receive Today:
  • Posture: Gain a comprehensive understanding of the different cortices of the brain, along with the anatomical knowledge of the nervous system and functional zones of the Cerebellum that you'll need to master the AMN Material. From this basis we look at Posture from the Neurological and Reflexive perspective, providing instantly applicable, practical skills. 
  • Coordination: By stimulating certain visual-stream pathways with light stimulus, and then providing a person with movements designed to challenge their coordination, we're able to help people unlock their potential to move in a more coordinated manner. 
  • Cerebellum: Through precise movement based assessment you'll learn how to determine which areas of the Cerebellum have faulty output and we'll equip you with the tools you need to provide the appropriate input. Mastery of this section will allow you to improve things like muscle recruitment, muscular imbalance, the accuracy of movement, balance in general and much more.

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